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2moso partners with various professional cycling teams and individual athletes by providing them with products from Wahoo, 4iiii, AfterShokz or Dynamic Bike Care. This allows all athletes to get the most out of their training. Below you will find an overview of some current partnerships. 


Lotto Soudal

Lotto Soudal is a Belgian cycling team that was founded in 1985. Since 2015 it participates in the UCI World Tour with Lotto and Soudal as their sponsors. The team is led by Marc Sergeant.

The team is sponsored by 4iiii Innovations. The strong powermeters will hopefully help the team achieve even better results!


Mathieu van der Poel, Tim Merlier and others have been racing with Wahoo computers for the past three seasons. All riders can choose between the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM or BOLT.

In addition, all off-road riders race with the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL: Wahoo's Multi Sport Watch. During the mountain bike and cross-country season, we will hear a lot more about this watch!

Click here for more information about Alpecin-Fenix!

Beat Cycling

The partnership between Beat Cycling and 2moso has lasted since the team was founded. 2moso supplies the team with Wahoo bike navigation and trainers, Speedplay pedals, 4iiii power meters and AfterShokz audio.

The partnership between the two goes further than just sponsoring. Together with Beat, great campaigns and events are organized in order to get 2moso products even better represented.

Click here for more information about Beat Cycling!


After Laurens ten Dam quit cycling, he became an ambassador for Wahoo, 4iiii and AfterShokz products together with the LSRF team. He uses all the products to achieve his new goals. These days, for example, the team races cool gravel races and is taking on other cool challenges.

Apart from cycling, the guys from LSRF are busy creating podcasts and organizing various events. 2moso is also a partner in these endeavours. 

Click here for more information about team LSRF!

Individual athletes

In addition to teams, 2moso also provides individual athletes with equipment in order to achieve the best possible performance. These are mainly cyclists, triathletes and former cyclists.

All cyclists use a watch during cross-country. This makes it easier to switch bikes on the way. In the peloton, in addition to the riders of Alpecin Fenix, Eli Iserbyt, Michael van Tourenhout, Ryan Kamp and Sophie de Boer are also racing with the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL.

Good equipment, is also important during a triathlon. Therefore, many triathletes prefer to race with Wahoo and 4iiii products. 2moso currently supports four triathletes: Tom Oosterdijk, Jelle Greens, Kenneth Vandendriessche and Valerie Barthelemy. They all race with the Wahoo ELEMNT RIVAL and Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM. Kenneth also races with Speedplay pedals and a 4iiii power meter.

Former cyclists
Several former cyclists continue their cycling career on a lower level. To discover great trails, they prefer to use Wahoo bike computers. Former cyclists with a Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM or BOLT include Johan Museeuw, Bram Tankink, Erik Dekker, Leon van Bon and Thomas Dekker.



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