The Joy Factory

The Joy Factory created a working environment in which you can work hands-free. TJF's philosophy of combining ensures that all cases, mounts and matching accessories can be combined. TJF distinguishes itself by designing durable and functional products of high quality. Based in California, TJF has quickly grown into an essential supplier of rugged solutions for a wide range of industries, including healthcare, logistics & transportation and manufacturing.

functional · sustainable · premium quality

The Joy Factory is known for its solutions in combining. A working environment in which you can work hands-free is the ultimate goal. TJF's products can be used separately, but are enhanced by combining the steps below.

Rock-solid cases

To start building your perfect TJF solution, you start with searching for the case that fits your situation best. The aXtion range protects your tablet against drops and knocks and are generally also water resistant. In that way you are sure that your tablet investment will be protected in the best possible way.

Lightweight mounts

The second step is to choose the right mounts. The MagConnect system is designed to bridge the gap between your tablet and its environment. Each mount is designed with a unique mounting base to serve both permanent and temporary settings. Each mount is equipped with a strong magnet that allows you to attach and remove your tablet easily. Because of the use of carbon fibre, the mount is surprisingly light and yet incredibly strong!

Universal accessories

A working environment in which you can work hands-free is TJF's ultimate goal. The two steps as mentioned above partly take care of that and with the last step you will get the full look. All accessories mentioned below are universal and can easily be combined with each other.


TJF products can be used in various environments. For a few sectors, specific products have been developed according to the demand from the sectors themselves. The three sectors below each have their specifically designed products.


Designs for the following tablets:

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