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GT Series saddle 270 gr.


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GT Series saddle 265 gr.


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Designed for lasting comfort. Whether you're riding a classic tour, a Gran Fondo or a multi-day stage race on the road or in the mountains, the GT Series is ready to support you. The slightly curved profile allows you to position yourself to get the most out of your effort. Using strategically placed Eco lightweight padding, the center channel for improved circulation and beautifully shaped wings, the GT Series saddle will inspire you to go beyond the finish line of your next goal.

The GT is our neutral/medium position saddle. It is for those who have their favorite riding position and like to stick to it for a long time. The shape is made for riders with moderate pelvic rotation while pedaling.

The Samnie saddle is made of synthetic leather that performs as well as real leather, but without the extreme environmental impact. It is the core of Smanie to always push the limits of what they can do to make saddles more environmentally friendly. The seamless microfiber cover will make you swear you're riding on a leather cover, giving you the best of both worlds.

A 3 mm deep channel, in the everlasting area, provides relief, but is not deep enough that it causes a hard transition or hot spots at the edges. The saddle's neutral profile and 3 mm deep channel help combat numbness and pressure.

Fight the fad! The industry trend is short saddles, but that eliminates multiple riding positions. You wouldn't bring flat handlebars to a road race, nor would you want to eliminate the ability to move forward and backward on the saddle depending on the riding situation.

Athermal insulation: We use heat-resistant padding for a more comfortable ride during long days in the saddle.

Width: 276 mm.

Riding position: Medium/Endurance

(Vertical seatpost clamp recommended for Smanie 7x9mm Carbon Rails)

EAN Code4711117860161
SeriesGT series
EAN Code4711117860123
SeriesGT series
EAN Code4711117860147
SeriesGT series

- GT Series Saddle



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