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Wahoo recently released a new update for their ELEMNT bike computers, providing cyclists with even more control and functionality!

Here are some of the cool new features:

Integrated Workouts:
You can now effortlessly transfer workouts from your favorite training platforms directly to your ELEMNT bike computers. Experience the freedom to train your way and get the most out of every ride, with more options at your fingertips.

GoPro Control:
Easily control the camera from the bike computer without needing direct access to the camera. Switch between modes (video, time-lapse, photo), change settings, start and stop recording, or take a photo.

Smart Light Control:
Users can now pair and control ANT+ lighting from the ELEMNT bike computers while cycling. The lighting can even automatically turn on and off according to your preferences when you start and finish a ride.

Music Control:
Control your music during your ride without needing to grab your phone. Athletes can play/pause, skip forward, adjust volume using the buttons on the computer.

Dark Mode:
The latest display option for ELEMNT, Dark Mode. Users can now set their display to a dark background, similar to what's available on smartphones and computers.

Summit Freeride:
The bright color screen of the ELEMNT now displays the upcoming climbs' difficulty level in advance, even without loading a route beforehand, as well as the elevation gradient and the remaining time to the top, allowing you to manage energy and effort as the slopes change.



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