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New Shokz OpenFit

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New Shokz OpenFit

Shokz launched a new product July 6: the Open fit. Read more here.

Shokz launches the new OpenFit

Shokz launched a new product July 6: the Open fit. The new earphones are
manufactured with advanced technologies to provide an unparalleled experience
to users.

One of the most striking features of these earphones is the use of a
double-layer liquid silicone, which not only provides a smooth fit for any
ear shape, but also prevents discomfort even with prolonged wear. This means that
users can enjoy conversations and their favorite music all day long in a
comfortable way.

To ensure an ergonomic fit, the earphones are equipped with a
dolphin-shaped ear hook with a built-in 0.7 mm thin, flexible memory wire. This
fit gently adapts to the natural shape of the ear, ensuring a
perfect and comfortable fit is guaranteed.

In addition, the earphones have a smart design that uses OpenFit
technology. This technology optimizes the design and material of open-ear
earphones, making them compact and lightweight, weighing only 8.3 grams. This ensures
for a perfect balance, making users almost forget they are wearing the earphones.
To deliver impressive audio quality, Shokz has introduced DirectPitch™ technology.
introduced. This new audio experience provides outstanding sound quality,
with a perfect balance of crisp highs, clear mids and powerful


The operation of the earphones is simple and convenient. At the touch of a button,
users play audio and manage phone calls via the built-in touchpads. This
means they have their hands free and do not need to use their phones.
In addition, the touchpads can be controlled by double tapping and holding
holding them down, with additional customization options through the Shokz app.
For those concerned about water resistance, the OpenFit earphones are IP54
water resistant. They are designed with a two-layer waterproof steel mesh and mesh for
extra protection and improved sound performance. This means users don't have to worry
have to worry during their sweatiest workout sessions or an unexpected rain shower, they
can continue to enjoy their favorite music or podcast carefree.

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