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'Indispensable during my swim training' are the words of Sandra Vermeulen, Eredivisie athlete. To Triathlon Inside magazine.

FORM - SMART Goggles will make you swim faster!

You can read the interview with Sandra Vermeulen for Triathlon inside magazine here.

To Triathlon Inside magazine, Eredivisie athlete Sandra Vermeulen of TVS`90 tells that the FROM swimming goggles are indispensable during her swim training. The revolutionary goggles are specially designed to help you swim faster. But how can goggles help you do that?

It works like this: the swimming goggles measure various data while swimming, which are then displayed directly in your swimming goggles. The 'head up display' technology is used. This allows you to instantly read your split times, the pace you are swimming or the number of strokes per lane during your workout. You can perfectly 'pace' while swimming long distances.

Clear view in the glasses
Sandra Vermeulen was very curious about the glasses, but wondered whether the data in her glasses would not be distracting. ''Or that it would make you dizzy to have data in your vision all the time. Once in the pool, I was especially very surprised at how clear the image of the glasses is and how easily you look past the data when, for example, you are swimming in and don't need data yet. The fit of the glasses is also very comfortable. From competitive swimming, I am mostly used to aerodynamic and small glasses. These glasses are a bit bigger so this took some getting used to for me personally, but certainly not annoying.''

Pushing and paging thanks to data from the goggles
Thanks to the advanced algorithm in the glasses, the glasses automatically recognise different swim strokes based on the movements you make. This means you won't lose track of a second and can take your workouts to the next level. The goggles can be used both in the pool and during open-water swimming. ''During swimming, you can see your data in one glass,'' Sandra explains. ''You can choose whether you want it on the right or left side. Just after the turning point, you see on the screen how long you swam over the 235 metres. This allows you to 'pace' very well and also push yourself to swim every lane under 23 seconds, in my case. If you stop swimming, the glasses take a very short time to register this. The screen then shows your finishing time. For example, if you swim 6x50 metres, you will see your finishing time after every 50 metres. You can also read all this later in the FORM app.

Similar to cycling computer
''Personally, I really like pacing with the glasses,'' Sandra continued. ''Especially when swimming long distances, my pitfall is to slump slightly. By getting instant feedback, you can respond to this, even though the training will be a bit spicier. you also get instant feedback on your technique and strokes per lane. The glasses are very easy to use and you have plenty of options. For example, you can put your training in the goggles, which means you no longer have loose notes along the poolside. You can actually compare the FORM to a bicycle computer, allowing you to train very specifically. It's really worth an investment as far as I'm concerned if you want to take your swimming to the next level.''

1000 training schedules in the FORM app
To make optimal use of the swimming goggles, you need to synchronise the goggles with the FORM app. Swum workouts can be easily read out. In addition, there are 1,000 different training schedules in the app and own training schedules can also be added. Workouts can then be synced to Strava, Training Peaks, Today's Plan and Apple Healt.



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