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Dual band GPS ELEMNT ROAM v2

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Dual band GPS ELEMNT ROAM v2

Never take a wrong turn again with the ROAM v2's unique feature: Dual Band GPS

Never take a wrong turn again?

The ELEMNT ROAM has a unique feature: DUAL band GPS. This has always worked via a single frequency (L1) and now a frequency has been added (l2).

By using two frequencies, your device is able to be even faster and more accurate in relaying location data. In addition, it responds better to things that can block a GPS signal. Think of urban areas with many and tall buildings, densely forested areas or places where there is a lot of electromagnetic activity (industrial areas for example)

DUAL BAND is going to become the standard for all high-end GPS applications in the coming time and therefore fits perfectly into the philosophy of the ELEMENT ROAM.

Besides this new technology, there are of course the updated maps, a better screen and 32GB of storage for the most beautiful routes. So with the new ELEMENT ROAM, you are completely ready for the future!



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