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CableCoil Mini

CableCoil Mini Ombre Blush


CableCoil Mini Ombre Blue


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CableCoil Mini is a colorful cable protector that is quick and easy to install. Your expensive cables stay protected and keep looking and working like new for years to come. Made with a durable nonslip flexible material, CableCoil Minis effectively reduce frays and tears on any device cable, including, cell phone, laptop, lightning, and monitor cables. Designed to quickly and easily wrap around your wires. CableCoil Mini easily twists around wires, creating a durable protective, supportive sleeve. CableCoil Mini comes in two sets of Ombre colors: Blue and Blush. Each set contains four unique colors (8 total CableCoil Minis per pack), making cable identification and personalization easy.

- Fits most standard size Micro-USB cords, cell phone or tablet chargers, headphone wires and other smaller computer cables
- Blue Ombre or Blush Ombre
- 34.9 x 9.5 x 9.5mm
- Use CableCoil Mini to prolong the life of your cables by preventing tears, breaks and fraying

EAN Code082032402069
EAN Code082032401659



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