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Speedplay by Wahoo

Speedplay is an American brand from San Diego. They produce high-quality cyclin pedals and cleats. All Speedplay pedals are light, can be clicked in on both sides and have extensive adjustment possibilities. The click mechanism is incorporated in the cleat. Speedplay was taken over some time ago by Wahoo and together they now offer efficiency, comfort and performance and will continue under the name Wahoo Speedplay.

NANO Pedal System

The NANO pedals from Speedplay are the lightest in the collection at 168 grams. This gives the pedals a huge performance advantage on race days. The double-sided entry and innovative locking mechanism create the most secure and stable platform so you can keep pedalling with confidence. The NANO pedals are made of titanium and carbon and are easy to maintain. In addition, they arrive standard with Standard Tension cleats. From now on you will pedal with confidence through all the bends, maintain your speed and leave everyone behind you!

Click here for the NANO pedals!

Comp Pedal System

The versatile, ride-ready COMP pedals from Speedplay offer advantages to cyclists at every level. The pedals have a double-sided entry, optimised biomechanics, are easy to maintain and a lot easier to run with. The COMP pedals come with Easy Tension cleats, but are also compatible with the Standard Tension cleats. The pedals offer security and confidence, allowing you to achieve your maximum performance at any level!

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ZERO Pedal System

With the groundbreaking ZERO pedals from Speedplay, you will be ready for a race at any time of the day. It is the only pedal system that can be independently adjusted front to back, left to right and floating to enhance performance. The slim rubber covered cleat provides a good base and more confidence when riding and walking. The pedals can be adjusted to any position and are made of stainless steel.

Click here for the ZERO pedals!

AERO Pedal System

Speedplay's knurled and streamlined AERO pedals allow you to easily defy the windmill, increase your speed and get the results you want! The pedals have sealed bearings and increased durability with reinforced contact points. From now on you will spend less time maintaining your pedals and more time riding. Choose either Standard or Easy Tension cleats for a customized click-in and out experience. Both cleats are compatible with all pedals.

Click here for the AERO pedals!

POWRLINK ZERO pedal system

The combination of Wahoo's proven power algorithms and the advanced fanction of SPEEDPLAY make the POWRLINK ZERO pedals stand above the competition. By measuring total power and cadans, the POWRLINK ZERO provides actionable data needed to generate performance impprovements. Pair the pedals with the entire Wahoo ecosystem to track, analyze, share and improve your breakthrough! 

Click here for the POWRLINK ZERO pedals 


More SPEEDPLAY by Wahoo?

Do you want more information about SPEEDPLAY by Wahoo? Go to https://eu.wahoofitness.com/devices/pedals
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