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Princeton Carbonworks

"A group of elite cyclists and triathletes who have become determined to make the most groundbreaking wheels."
Founded in 2016 by 3 alumni of Princeton University, Princeton Carbon has been searching for the best, lightest and fastest wheel available ever since. Combining meticulous research, innovative design and the best materials, Princeton wheels have already made quite an impression in the cycling and triathlon world thanks to their conquering performance among some of the world's most renowned professional athletes and teams!

WAKE 6560

De WAKE wheels from Princeton CarbonWorks have an optimized mechanical design. The combination with advanced manufacturing ensures a good distribution of stresses and lower weight in the layout. WAKE 6560 breaks the industry benchmarks and forces discerning riders to re calibrate aerodynamic, strength, stability and weight expectations. In 4 years of research and development WAKE was wind tunnel confirmed, road tested, gravel verified and approved to enhance your performance.

PEAK 4550

Princeton CarbonWorks has developed the brand new PEAK 4550 in cooperation with the best cyclists in the world. PEAK 4550 is a lighter, stiffer, stronger and more aerodynamic solution aimed directly at the UCI World Tour and Grand Tour races. The wheels are available in all configurations. The main priorities during development were to create an all-round race-ready wheel with exceptional aerodynamic properties and the power to transmit high wattages to the ground. 

GRIT 4540

GRIT 4540, the newest member of the Princeton CarbonWorks family, is designed from the ground up to exceed your expectations. Lightweight? Check. Amazing stiffness? Check. Versatile, fast and stable? Check. These wheels are ideal for climbing, gravel or normal roads. GRIT is launched with a sinusoidal cross-section with variable depth for unrivalled crosswind stability. In addition, a slightly varying width in the profile has been introduced and the carbon lay-up has been optimized with an emphasis on high stress areas. Try it now!

BLUR 633

The wait is over! The Princeton CarbonWorks BLUR 633 is now available as a single rear pressure plate. An ultra-rigid rim with a holeless tyre bed and completely open construction. 

More Princeton CarbonWorks?

Do you want more information about Princeton CarbonWorks? Go to https://www.princetoncarbon.com/.
More information about the products? Take a look at our webshop or contact 2moso via sales@2moso.com or +31(0)105903070. 



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