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The Dutch brand Megmeister has its origings in the German word Meister meaning "master" or "craftmanship". The word Meister is literally woven into Megmeister's DNA and outlines the approach to designing and producing the world's most durable, most technical, performance clothing. As a true performance brand, Megmeister is science-led and data-driven. In addition, a "meister" is involved in every step of the product development process. 

idea behind the Megmeister concept comes from the founder, Jos Ruiterman. Working in the textile industry for over 20 years and being involved with many of the world's biggest sports brands with performance textiles, Jos realised that there was a huge opportunity to create "high-end sustainable performance wear". He initially focused his attention on a new type of base layer that was capable of delivery "Next Generation Performance" to aspiring athletes to cross the spectrum of sport and leisure. 

Megmeister's goal is based on a very simple promise: to always strive for top performance while reducing the impact of clothing on our planet and improving people's experiences in the outdoors. We do not believe it is necessary to sacrifice technical performance for sustainability, because with effort and experimentation it is possible to push the boundaries of both, in addition to continuing to advance our mission to be the benchmark for generations to come. With the words of Sir David Attenborough in mind, "we are wrecking the planet, but it is not too late to do something about it", we have redoubled our efforts, going the extra mile to ensure that our footprint on this earth is as small as possible.

Base Layers

Megmeister Base Layers are designed to meet the needs of high-intensity sports in all climates. The sleeveless and short sleeve shirts are designed for warmer climates. Whereas the long sleeve base layers are more suitable for milder to cold weather conditions. The special Drynamo technology makes sure that the shirt fits seamlessly to your skin. This ensures optimal comfort in combination with excellent moisture dispersion and a seamless fit. Among the professionals, this shirt is also called the fastest drying base layer at the moment and is perfect to wear under your favorite shirt.

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A beautiful limited-edition woven jersey made with high-level technical details together with a unique bold design. Be part of the woven revolution with a durable and eco-friendly alternative to a printed polyester jersey. The woven yarn construction offers a superior fit, comfort and enhanced performance to keep you dry and looking stylish at all times, from weekend races to training and long days on the bike. 

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Megmeister has continued its technical research in underwear and developed the 3D WAS (Wasp Aero Suspension) technology. The woven stretch fabric is 20% lighter than standard knit. The Megmeister L8 Bib-short is ultra-dry, breathable and absorbs and wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable.

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To complete your outfit, Megmeister also offers a range of accessories. For example, there are the Merino socks that offer you a new level of comfort when you are training. The Ultrafresh Skull Cap will keep your head cool during the most intensive training sessions or the warm warmers/coolers. 

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More Megmeister?

Do you want more information about Megmeister? Go to https://eu.megmeister.com/
More information about the products? Take a look at our webshop or contact 2moso via sales@2moso.com or +31(0)105903070. 



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